Travel in Comfort, Arrive in Style

By Ceri Heathcote

For most of us travelling can be a bit of a drag but entirely necessary for getting where we want to go. It can also present a number of challenges in looking stylish both whilst in transit and transporting clothes to wear when we get there. Seasoned travellers usually have it down to a fine art, knowing just the right clothes to wear and pack, how to pack them and what to pack them in. The end result is that they have a comfortable and restful journey arriving at their destination looking rested and as good as when they left. Here we share some of the style secrets of those travellers so that we can all travel in comfort and arrive in style.

1. Dress for comfort when flying or travelling long distances by car. Layers of natural fabrics are best so that you can add and remove depending on the temperature. Cashmere socks and a pashmina are great for keeping warm in the cold air conditioning on a plain. Avoid clothes that will crease easily. If you are flying long haul, consider taking tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas and slippers to change into for the flight.

2. Carry a few essentials including underwear, clean t shirt, wash stuff and tooth brush in your hand luggage just in case of delays or lost luggage.

3. Always check the weather forecast online before you go so that you can pack accordingly.

4. Pack versatile clothes that you can wear for different places. Dresses that you can wear on the beach, site seeing and in the evening are perfect. This cuts down on luggage and means you won't run out clothes. bathroom when you get there, to help any creases drop out.

5. Unpack and hang up your clothes as soon as you arrive at your destination, it will minimise creasing and instantly make you feel more settled and at home.

6. Candles and aroma therapy oils will help you to relax when you arrive. Familiar smells from home are particularly good for making you feel at ease.

7. If you like wearing body con dresses, they make great holiday outfits, you can scrunch them up but the creases don't show when you wear them.

8. If you are flying some where for a short amount of time consider packing all of your belongings in hand luggage. This will save you waiting around to claim baggage at the other end and reduce the risk of lost baggage. A sturdy bag on wheels is ideal, but remember to check the dimensions and weight restrictions with the carrier.

9. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

What ever happens when you are travelling, try to stay calm and relaxed and it will be a much more enjoyable experience. Look on the bright side, a delayed flight gives you the chance to do a bit of airport shopping. Take the opportunity to read a book, enjoy a film or listen to music. You will emerge at the other end looking stylish and ready to enjoy your break.

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